Our master chef

As we all welcome MasterChef coming to Ireland NEFF have launched some special offers. NEFF are the official partner to MasterChef Ireland and are proud of their association with good home cooking in Ireland for the past twenty five years. There are great savings to be had across the range of NEFF appliances for those of you who like to be masters of the kitchen. Call us on 045 879632 to find out more about these amazing savings or simply click on the link below.

Neff MasterChef Promotion

The standard of the contestants on MasterChef Ireland is incredible. Dylan and Nick are really putting them through their paces. It is more like watching professionals than amateurs looking at the dishes and their presentation. Like most people we enjoy cooking and last weekend over very own “master chef” decided he wanted to do some baking. Two and half hours later we had traditional brown bread, apple and strawberry muffins and chocolate cookies. We will put our famous apple and strawberry recipe up over the coming days.